Fuck Yeah Heather Morris

You’re the most amazing dancer I’ve ever met.

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Brittany S. Pierce . x

  • Season 5

@msleamichele: Love being on set with this lady! Welcome to twitter  !

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@msleamichele Love being on set with this lady! Welcome to twitter @HeatherMorrisTV ! #GleeSeason6 ❤️

Brittany S. Pierce being herself as usual. x

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Brittany (Heather Morris does not look like a woman who’s given birth recently and is therefore obviously a witch) dances her ass off, —Vulture.com (via shelsbywelsby)
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Heather Morris and her son Elijah.

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Follow Heather on Twitter at @HeatherMorrisTV

Again I would like to stress


  • Ask for new baby pictures
  • harass her about why she’s engaged
  • be rude about why it took her so long to get one
  • Don’t ask about Naya


  1. Thank her for willing to be connected even if she doesn’t answer tweets
  2. Thank her for always answering her fan mail even if it takes a while
  3. Thank her for bringing the nameless cheerleader to life
  4. Thank her for being awesome.
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favourite characters: BRITTANY PIERCE
» “The roads to the North Pole are getting treacherous, you need to write your letter to Santa very fast and get it in the mail today, and remember, even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf.”

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I want to fuck pussy


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